Over the past few years I have tried to evolve a lot of my graphics to include 3d elements, historically I have struggled as the 3d modelling environments I used were all sister products to GIS software I use on a day to day basis and the outputs lacked in quality. Even with the new ArcGIS Pro 3d mapping in GIS lacks an element of realism and I doubt its in the development road-map to include any kind of physical or raytracing render options.


That said over the past year or so I have discovered how easy it is to integrate spatial data with Blender and recently Cinema4d and have been able to achieve a much higher degree of graphical quality on a lot of my cartographic pieces.

The examples below are projects I have been working on throughout the past year, most of which have been tailored towards marketing pieces for my company’s (Barton Willmore) website or included within various leaflets and documents. Presenting information using 3d rendering techniques allows me to display another level of information which can help identify patterns and trends in spatial data a lot easier than conventional 2d methods.

Understanding the surrounding context of development opportunities is vital in my line of work and commuting patterns help to establish connectivity and access. A lot of my visualisations involve some sort of commuter mapping mostly by extruded bars relating to flow data in various geographies seen below. However I have recently developed a methodology to convert commuter flow data into arcs within Blender/C4d, which gives rise to some interesting visualisations – check out the firework-esque graphic below.


London Runways Plan Gatwick Commuters V2.1

Liverpool_Commuter Draft Commuter - Manc - Terrain Master Layout - DarkHex

PLAN5_SHEFFIELD Commuter-Reading

Another visualisation technique which has always interested me is hexbinning, working with many different datasets –  socio-economic or infrastructure based it is sometimes vital we aggregate or disaggregate to a common geography in order to analyse spatial relationships. Below are some of the scenarios this technique was used.

Master Layout - DarkHexlg Master Layout Master Layout - Dark Master Layout - Stage2 - Eco PTAL - London Population Den - London Population - Ageing - Manc

The other examples are UK based visualisations, nothing too special but again all rendered in dedicated 3d software (Blender) which I think gives them a bit of a flair.



London Runways Plan Heathrow Commuters

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