London Runways Plan Gatwick Commuters V2.1

“There comes a point during the map making process, after hours of data processing and analysis, where what you’ve created is either something engaging and creative or meaningless and bland. This alchemy of turning raw data into the meaningful is what excites me most.”  This is part of my write up for Atlas of Design Volume 3 in which the above map has been included!  http://atlasofdesign.org/


” Helping to define the area of greatest impact through employment, distance to work and housing needs this visualisation analyses the current spatial variance in travel to work patterns between residence and workplace for the two airports as well as those districts identified by the Airports Commission where housing need is said to increase in light of either extension. What’s produced is a visual insight designed to aid the assessment of the current employment situation and therefore the importance either airport expansion will have. ”


Once the volume is released I’ll update the blog to include some more context on how I made the map and my inspiration behind it.



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