A few examples of terrain modelling of Snowdon – Wales, within Cinema4D. These were based on displacement mapping of elevation rasters processed in GIS software. Materials and textures were procedural and based on falloff values which is cool as it works well with terrain based modelling. There is also some displacement mapping on the textures to create a rock/snow texture. Various lightning techniques were applied, mostly HDRI’s as I find them the easiest to work with.


Contours were also applied to some of the images, processed in GIS software and imported into Cinema4D as either vector files of dwgs. The vertices were then projected to the terrain and subdivided to sit flush.  Sweep nurbs was then use to create the contour geometry. Similar techniques were applied for the with the trails/routes.


A work in progress really and generally proof of concept for some later projects, but something I am going to be adding to throughout the year…


Snowdon – Wales


TS4 copy

The Matterhorn – Alps

Mattahorn - Sunset



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